To accept and embrace all students, regardless of mental, physical and financial challenges. We will remain committed to intimately partnering with all students and fitness clients as they engage in their journey to learn martial arts or train in fitness. We will sacrificially lead, encourage and motivate students and clients to be their best, inside and out of the studio. We have accomplished our goals when students and clients no longer consider themselves students or clients, but family


To instilling life and hope to an arid community through the teaching and disciplines of martial arts and fitness training.


We teach a blended style of martial arts with our core of ITF Taekwondo. The blend includes Kenpo, Karate, FMA, Boxing, grappling and some weapons. The blend of the disciplines is mostly found in our street wise practical self-defense system.


Driven to make neighborhood, community and society better one member at a time. Located in the city of El Mirage, AZ, our staff is highly trained and certified to assist in all aspects of martial arts & fitness training regardless of whether you have never set foot inside a martial arts school or fitness gym or you are a seasoned vet.

We believe that everyone can benefit from martial arts & fitness training, however; we also understand that our way and method of training is not always for everyone due to the fact that we do not compromise on learning the proper way to execute techniques, the purpose for the technique and the practical application for it. We do not advance or promote students based on attendance or fees paid. Promotions come with effort, execution and evidence that they can preform to a standard that represents our program, their family and most importantly themselves.

We desire our students to walk away with a sense of pride and confidence in what they have learned and accomplished not just a new belt around their waist.  Belts are cheap and a the legendary Bruce Lee stated, "only good for hold up pants." 

This is who we are. If this is sparking your interest click here to start your FREE TRIAL.

who we are