Female self-protection & Defense

Signature Program of A.S.C.E.N.D, formally known as "Street-Wise" has been specifically designed to meet the needs of women when control and assault prevention methods are required. Principles and strategies for effectively reducing the likelihood of assault through actual techniques of countering an attack are stressed in this program. This program utilizes efficient and effective methods of subject control that do not rely on size and strength. This program has been developed to be used by any female who is interested in her personal safety. In this course expect the unexpected!

 THIS IS A HANDS-ON, INTERACTIVE SEMINAR; This is NOT your run-of-the-mill martial arts female self-defense program.

There are a number of excellent martial artist in the industry or local area even many more skilled, we respect them and their skillset greatly; however few, if any, are self-protection trained. We all teach very cool self-defense skills and techniques yet if it ever comes to that point that are required it's too late. That is the difference is THEM and US.

Our program provides "Confidence empowered by knowledge". We not only train your body but your mind.

We have spent years learning the art of self protection that is more physiological and day to day practical that will prevent you from becoming a victim and to avoid every having to utilize the practical self-defense techniques taught.

The difference between defense and protection is defense is the action of defending from an onset attack. Protection is the process of keeping someone or something safe before a potential attack.

Let's illustrate; when you know you going to be in the sun, you put on sunscreen to protect your skin. Once you have been sunburned you now have to fight back against the burn to heal your skin because you avoid to protect it in the beginning.

The art and science behind what we do is from executive and asset protection training which comes from the same training that protects high level officials. The guys you rarely see but know they are there and are highly equipped and trained.

Recommended Audience:

  • All females
  • Females in lines of work that put them in dangerous situation
  • Females looking to overcome passive or victim mentality
  • Females who desire to build self confidence

Offered in three options:

  • 1.5 hr. seminar
  • 3.5 hr. seminar
  • 6-session full course

Advanced and refresher courses also available.

"Denial is the belief that it has not happened and will not happen to you. It's the lie that creates potential victims and lessens awareness."

-Tony Redmond

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